Applying for Schengen Visa

Who can apply for Schengen visa in Estonian Embassy in Ankara

In Estonian Embassy in Ankara following third country nationals can apply for Schengen visa:

  • all residents of Turkey irrespective of their citizenship. Applicant, who is not citizen of Turkey must have Turkish residence permit to apply for short term visa in Estonian Embassy in Ankara;
  • by way of exception non-residents of Turkey can apply for short term visa in Estonian Embassy in Ankara, if it is not possible to apply for Schengen visa to Estonia in their home country, i.e. if there isn’t Estonian foreign representation handling visa applications in country where applicant lives and Estonia is also not represented by another Schengen Member State in his or her country of residence. List of Estonian representations which are handling visa applications can be found here and list of countries where Estonia is represented in issuing Schengen visas by other Member State can be found here.

Where in Turkey it is possible to lodge an application for Schengen visa to Estonia

Application can be lodged

  • in visa application centers of VFS Global all over Turkey (altogether 13 visa application centers). Detailed information about locations of VFS visa application centers and description of procedures in these centers can be found on the VFS Global homepage. Service fee of 16 euros is paid additionally, if application is lodged in visa application center of VFS);
  • in Estonian Embassy in Ankara. For lodging an application directly in the Embassy, please acquire appointment in the electronic calendar of the Embassy. Please take notice that every applicant (including minors) must have separate appointment for lodging an application. The Embassy will accept only application of this person, who’s name is in the calendar.