General Information about Long-term Stay in Estonia

Due to the restrictions related to the spread of novel coronavirus, Estonian Embassy in Ankara and VFS Global visa centres in Turkey accept visa applications in exceptional cases only (see list of exceptions below). VFS Global accepts Schengen visa applications in selected visa centres only, for more information, please visit website of VFS Global.

As an exception, following categories of third country nationals can apply for a visa (current list is valid from 16 October):
* applicants who want to travel to Estonia because of employment (visa is applied on the basis of short term employment registration or on basis of the right to work in Estonia arising from law). NB! Exception is not applied to family members of applicants!
* applicants to want to travel to Estonia because of studies in Estonian educational institution. NB! Exception is not applied to family members of applicants!
* applicants who are directly involved in the transport of goods and raw materials, including the loading of goods or raw materials (i.e. truck-drivers);
* applicants who are providers of healthcare or other services necessary for dealing with an emergency;
* applicants who are directly involved in the international carriage of goods and passengers, including crew members serving an international means of transport and persons providing repair, warranty work or maintenance of the means of transport;
* applicants who serve travel groups and are directly involved in the provision of passenger transport services;
* applicants whose purpose of arrival in Estonia is related to ensuring the continuity of a vital service;
* applicants whose arrival in Estonia is related to work on the maintenance, repair, warranty or information and communication technology of the equipment of an enterprise operating in Estonia, if it is necessary to ensure the operation of the enterprise;
* applicants who need visa for immediate transit through the territory of Estonia for reaching their country of residence;
* applicants whose direct blood relative in the ascending or descending line or spouse is an Estonian citizen or a person holding an Estonian residence permit or right of residence;
* applicant who have received a special permit for entering the country.

Additionally residents of Australia, Japan, Republic of Korea, Rwanda, Thailand, Singapore, Uruguay and New Zealand can apply for any kind or type of visa. NB! Residents of Australia and Japan can apply for a visa is Estonian Embassy in Ankara only if they can prove that it is impossible to apply for a visa in the Estonian Embassy situated in the country of their residence.

Appointments for lodging a visa application as an exception can be acquired in Embassy’s electronic calendar, ground of exception must be mentioned in field of additional information. If ground for exception is not mentioned in the field for additional information, appointment will be deleted from our electronic calendar without prior notice.

If person’s stay in Estonia is longer than 90 days during 180day period, the stay is long-term stay. Third-country nationals can execute their long-stay on the basis of Estonian long-term visa (D-visa) or Estonian residence permit. In certain cases (e. g. studies, scientific research) also D-visa or residence permit issued by the other Schengen Member State can be used for long stay in Estonia.

If person is intending to stay in Estonia for longer than one year, person applies in the Embassy for a residence permit and travels to Estonia after receiving a residence permit card from the Embassy. More information about applying for a residence permit can be found here. In certain cases (study, start-up business, working in the start-up) it is possible to apply in the Embassy for a D-visa even if intended stay is longer than one year. In these cases applicant travels to Estonia on the basis of D-visa and applies for a residence permit in Estonian Police and Border Guard Board.

If person’s intended long-term stay in Estonia is with length up to one year, D-visa is applied in the Embassy and if visa is granted, then person travels to Estonia and executes his or her long-term stay on the basis of the D-visa.

As a rule only a residence permit application or D-visa application can be lodged in the Embassy, not both.