Necessary Documents to Apply for a D-visa

Estonian Embassy in Ankara has suspended accepting visa applications as of 17 March, 2020. Embassy will not accept neither short-term (Schengen) nor long-term (D-visa) visa applications. In selected visa centres of VFS Global Schengen visa applications which are in line with exceptions mentioned below can be lodged again starting from 29 July 2020. For more information, please visit website of VFS Global.
As an exception, application can be lodged in the Embassy in following cases (current list is valid from 6 July):
* applicants who want to travel to Estonia because of employment (visa is applied on the basis of short term employment registration) or because of studies in Estonian educational institution. NB! Exception is not applied to family members of applicants!
* applicants who are directly involved in the transport of goods and raw materials, including the loading of goods or raw materials (i.e. truck-drivers);
* applicants who are providers of healthcare or other services necessary for dealing with an emergency;
* applicants who are directly involved in the international carriage of goods and passengers, including crew members serving an international means of transport and persons providing repair, warranty work or maintenance of the means of transport;
* applicants who serve travel groups and are directly involved in the provision of passenger transport services;
* applicants whose purpose of arrival in Estonia is related to ensuring the continuity of a vital service;
* applicants whose arrival in Estonia is related to work on the maintenance, repair, warranty or information and communication technology of the equipment of an enterprise operating in Estonia, if it is necessary to ensure the operation of the enterprise;
* applicants who need visa for immediate transit through the territory of Estonia for reaching their country of residence;
* applicants whose direct blood relative in the ascending or descending line or spouse is an Estonian citizen or a person holding an Estonian residence permit or right of residence;
* applicant who have received a special permit for entering the country.
Appointments for lodging a visa application as an exception can be acquired in Embassy’s electronic calendar, ground of exception must be mentioned in field of additional information. If ground for exception is not mentioned in the field for additional information, appointment will be deleted from our electronic calendar without prior notice.

General documents

All applicants must present:

  • application form. Application form can be filled in Estonian, English or Turkish. Application form must be filled online, printed out and signed at the end of each page and at the end of the form;
  • one color photograph with size 35×45 mm, no older than 6 months, show applicant looking directly to the camera, be taken with a plain light-colored background, without head covering, except for religious reasons, but your facial features from bottom of chin to top of forehead and both edges of your face must be clearly shown. Please find additional information about requirements to the photo here. Photo must be glued to the application form;
  • travel document. Travel document must include at least two free pages for visas, document must be valid at least three months after the end of the validity of the visa requested and on the day of the end of the validity of the requested visa passport should not be older that 10 years;
  • travel medical insurance. Travel medical insurance must cover any expenses which might arise in connection with repatriation for medical reasons, urgent medical attention and/or emergency hospital treatment or death, during their stay. The insurance shall be valid throughout the territory of the Schengen Member States and cover the entire period of the person’s intended stay or transit. The minimum coverage shall be 30 000 Euros. As a rule, travel medical insurance must be valid for the whole period of requested visa. If applicant will be covered with Estonian health insurance (Haigekassa) after arrival to Estonia, travel medical insurance must cover only the period until Estonian health insurance (Haigekassa) insurance becomes valid. For example – if person applies visa for short-term employment, travel medical insurance must cover travel period and additionally first 14 days of working.
  • documents about financial means. Presenting documents about financial means is not obligatory, but Embassy suggest to present proof of sufficient financial means, except if visa is applied for short-term employment.


Supporting documents according to the purpose of stay


  • confirmation of the educational institution about admission of the applicant;
  • exchange student presents also confirmation from local educational institution, where applicant studies;
  • students participating in international program (i.e. Erasmus) present also confirmation from the local coordinator of the program.

Short-term employment

  • printout of the confirmation of the registration of the short-term employment.

Start-up business

  • printout of the decision of the Startup Committee (you can read more about Startup Committee here).

Moving to close relative (visiting family or friends):

  • document proving family relations (birth or marriage certificate);
  • if applicant is an adult child who due to his or her health status or disability is unable to cope independently – documents proving his or her health status or disability.